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Update:  Please do not subscribe to TINO IQ without first sending email to We are restricting number of people who can join or can have access to TINO IQ

It’s not by luck, that we have been able to detect stocks which are being Artificially Manipulated – Big Guys always find new ways to take money away from you.

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      We at TINO IQ work super hard everyday to protect you and help you safely navigate the illusionary waters of stock market
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   We hope that you would like to join hands together in this mission and continue making money
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Access to TINO IQ, would be limited to fixed number of users.
This is to ensure every client gets maximum trading advantage. As soon as we reach a fixed number of users which can help us cover operational costs and some profit, No more users would be getting the access, irrespective of the amount they are willing to pay
Our idea is that people who are supporting us now, would have “exclusive access” to this power as time goes on….
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Unless you take time to understand TINO IQ and how it works, it would be hard for your to be successful. Once you understand TINO IQ, you would never look back – You would be amazed with the amount of time you save and how well you can not only protect yourself however beat the big guys of the game

TINO IQ brings DIY investing back to life, We support the idea of slow and steady growth.


Subscribing for TINO IQ

Step 1:  See which plan is best for you


Here is a great video which tells why some services are free and some are not:

Step 2:  Select the plan and click on subscribe

Individual Investors

  1. At, TINO IQ, all customers are like friends to us who are helping us fund via little subscription charges to build algorithms which can help them fight against the big algorithms in the market.
  2. We restrict number of users using the system so that every user has an edge.
  3. If we do not have spots, we can add your name to waiting list and you can join whenever there is any spot opens up.
  4. If you cancel for any reason, you would have to wait 6 months before you can access again

Subscribe with confidence

  1. 100% Money back guarantee – If you don’t like Silver package in first 5 days, you can ask for money back – no questions asked
  2. This offer is not for Gold / Platinum plans, as our  we are 100% confident you would make money on those plans

Institutional Investors

What you get extra:

  • Custom Reports
  • Deeper Analytics
  • Custom Algorithms

We store/clean/organize data for you. We can integrate any of your data with our data too.

Do you want to test out a hypothesis, we can do it as part of the institutional engagement. Everything is included in cost of the package – All Systems / Tools / Resources cost is included – no hidden fees

You focus on making money – We focus on helping you

In case you don’t find TINO IQ to be useful you can send us an email to to cancel your subscription anytime. Please note the total number of active subscriptions to TINO IQ is limited and options to resubscribe may not be available


Do you want to get totally unbiased review for your stock ?

You can use TINO IQ’s adhoc analysis service. This enables you to get independent opinion. We would check insiders trading patterns, hedge funds, fundamentals, technical’s and on top of it TINO’s IQ’s proprietary 10 algorithms to give you a holistic picture of stock.

We would not dump a big fat report on to you, rather we would clearly tell what is the most probable path for the stock. This process is not automated and is performed by a “human analyst”  based in USA.

Please do not buy this package if you are not a subscriber to TINO IQ’s packages above.

Ad-hoc Analysis

You can download the app from the links below: