• Update:  We are restricting the number of people who can join or can have access to TINO IQ. The maximum number of gold/platinum users can be 1K. We are doing this to ensure TINO IQ members have a real edge in the market. Like many services that have an “unlimited” number of users where everyone has access to the same information – TINO IQ members would have always have an edge in markets.

  • To put things in perspective, As of May 2020 Robinhood has 10 million users. So essentially our users have edge over at least 10,000 other traders in market  1:10000

  • Any financial advisor, helping clients can apply for a free “advisory account” at TINO IQ. You would get premium financial analytics to help your clients succeed

  • Our 100% transparency policy shows exactly what happened to each prediction – If you find any other company, whether it’s Schwab or Mad Money – Ask them how what’s their success rate “consistently”. We have a full track record from Dec 2015 till date – Every day / Every Week / Every month – Anyone who can beat that – please go to them

  • People have a love/hate relationship with TINO IQ. People who understand how to use TINO IQ to make money – love us like crazy. People who get want a quick ROI “without understanding TINO IQ” have a hate relationship with us. The people who hate us, can’t really believe that we can generate these kinds of results “consistently” – even when we have made all our predictions and their result 100% transparent to the public.  This is why recently we started removing “monthly” plans from the subscription so that people have enough time to understand and use TINO IQ

  • It’s not by luck that we have been able to detect stocks which are being Artificially Manipulated – Big Guys always find new ways to take money away from you

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      We at TINO IQ work hard every day to protect you and help you safely navigate the illusionary waters of the stock market.

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  • We hope that you would like to join hands together in the common mission and make money for your family

  • Access to TINO IQ is limited to a fixed number of users – Hence we do not encourage trial accounts. You can see our results in the past 6 years and if anyone can beat our results, you can use that firm

  • This will ensure every client gets a  maximum trading advantage. As soon as we are able to cover operational costs and a small profit, no more users will be given access, irrespective of the amount they are willing to pay

  • Our idea is to provide exclusive access to this powerful technology to those who support us now


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  • Unless you take the time to understand how TINO IQ works, it will be hard for you to be successful.  Once you understand, you will never look back.   You will be amazed by the time you will save and how well you can protect yourself from market manipulation by ‘the big guys.’

  • TINO IQ brings DIY investing back to life, We support the idea of slow and steady growth

Subscribing for TINO IQ

Step 1:  See which plan is best for you


Here is a great video which tells why some services are free and some are not:

Step 2:  Select the plan and click on subscribe

Individual Investors

  • At, TINO IQ, all customers are like friends to us who are helping us fund via minimal subscription charges to build algorithms that can help them fight against the big algorithms in the market.

  • Think of membership as ROI on a “yearly” basis. For example, if you buy gold plan for 1K and if you have a portfolio of 50K, then you just need 1 or 2 trades in full-year which can help cover the cost of membership. Generally, people who are measuring ROI on a “monthly” basis – they tend to lose as they make too many trades, too quickly and tend to buy and sell based on emotions

If you don’t want to subscribe and just want to test out, you can send a payment for any plan along with your email via VENMO to TINO-IQ

Subscribe with confidence

  • 100% Money back guarantee –  If you are not pleased with the Silver package, you may request a refund in the first 5 days, and you will be issued a refund  –  no questions asked. Silver plan is for investors who just want to get familiar with TINO IQ for the first time

  • This offer is not available for Gold/Platinum plans, as we are 100% confident you will make money on these plans.

  • Institutional Investors / Platinum Users

    What you get extra:

      • Custom Reports

      • Deeper Analytics

      • Custom Algorithms

        • API access or Excel report

    (Institutional Investors only): Do you want to test out a hypothesis, we can do it as part of the institutional engagement. Everything is included in the cost of the package – All Systems / Tools / Resources cost is included – no hidden fees

    You focus on making money – We focus on helping you


    Do you want to get totally unbiased review for your stock?

    You can use TINO IQ’s ad-hoc analysis service. This enables you to get an independent opinions. We would check insiders’ trading patterns, hedge funds, fundamentals, technical’s and on top of it TINO’s IQ’s proprietary 10 algorithms to give you a holistic picture of stock.

    We would not dump a big fat report on to you, rather we would clearly tell what is the most probable path for the stock. This process is not automated and is performed by a “human analyst”  based in the USA.

    Please do not buy this package if you are not a subscriber to TINO IQ’s packages above.

    Ad-hoc Analysis

    You can download the app from the links below: