Algorithms Accuracy Results

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Algorithm success rate for predictions where algorithms reached 100% or more of their predicted price

If algo’s reach around 75% of their predicted price then above success rates jumps higher

In simple language, here’s how it works.  Every week, on an average 3 out of 4 predictions meet their target 100%.

  1. A target is defined as a price after x days to achieve y%
  2. For example, say AAPL is trading today @ 100 and our prediction is it will reach 102 between now and before the close of next 5 trading days.
  3. If it reaches even 101.99 during this period, we would say it was a failed prediction.
  4. If it reaches 102 on the 6th trading day or later, we would say it was a failed prediction.  In the chart above, the dark green represents 100 % successful predictions, Lighter shades of green indicates how close it came to our target. Red means the price opened in another direction and never came back, Brown means that the price kept on hovering around initial price.

These algorithms worked in all scenarios, like elections, unexpected events, war, bull/bear markets. It was running every single day even when these Black Swan events happened

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