These algorithms worked in all scenarios, like elections, unexpected events, war, bull/bear markets. It was running every single day even when black swan events happened

In simple language, here’s how it works.  Every week, on an average 3 out of 4 predictions meet their target 100%.

  1. A target is defined as a price after x days to achieve y%
  2. For example, say AAPL is trading today @ 100 and our prediction is it will reach 102 between now and before the close of next 5 trading days.
  3. If it reaches even 101.99 during this period, we would say it was a failed prediction.
  4. If it reaches 102 on the 6th trading day or later, we would say it was a failed prediction.  In the chart above, the dark green represents 100 % successful predictions, Lighter shades of green indicates how close it came to our target. Red means the price opened in another direction and never came back, Brown means that the price kept on hovering around initial price.

Click on the image below to see results of prediction for last 5 years

Algorithm success rate for predictions where algorithms reached 100% or more of their predicted price

If algo’s reach around 75% of their predicted price then above success rates jumps higher

Seeking Alpha Reports Published

  1. Morgan Stanley Doubles Down On Village Super Market
  2. The Home Depot: A Righteous Choice, A Capable Value Builder
  3. PepsiCo: Go Long For The Long Run
  4. Starbucks: Will The Sunshine Go On?
  5. Walt Disney: The Fun Has Just Begun
  6. IBM: Only Adaptation Can Change The Game
  7. Please refer to weekly reports at

TINO IQ = (Physics + Patterns) * Artificial Intelligence


TINO IQ  has developed proprietary algorithms from the ground up

Our algorithms are different from the normally used indicators like moving averages, etc.  They don’t say “What happened,” –our algorithms are designed to say “What should happen.”

Consider IQ as various lenses through which you see the stock movement. With one lens you can see the pattern, with another, you can’t.

We dedicate our algorithms to people whose works were inspirational in developing these algorithms.

Edison  Einstein  Hayek  Jesse  Keynes  Newton  Schrödinger Sigmund Ramanujan Vinci


Looking at algorithms from a Trading perspective, these algorithms use the following IQ:

  • Overbought / Oversold IQ: Defining a stock as Oversold or Overbought has been done by various researchers in the past. Generally oversold stocks keep on getting oversold. We completely refreshed this approach and created smart indicators for predicting oversold/overbought stock along with a good entry point
  • Momentum IQ: This IQ aims to capitalize on the opportunities where there are signs of stock momentum and a stock is showing signs that momentum can continue further
  • Bull vs Bear Power IQ: This IQ finds those opportunities where bulls and bears have a stronger sentiment towards stock and are willing to put the money in the direction they want the stock to go on a daily basis
  • Money Movement IQ: This IQ aims to find opportunities where money is moving into or out of the stock
  • Crowd Psychology IQ: People are usually sentimental with some recent development/news in a company. This causes stocks to move excessively. This IQ tends to find if the stock is exhibiting this pattern
  • News IQ: We know news moves the stocks. This IQ analyzes “News” to predict the stock movement. This is a real time saver as people don’t have to spend hours everyday to read the news and think what should the stock do. Additionally we check in past how the stock had reacted to what kind of news.
  • Insider IQ: Insiders are known to be canary in a mine. We reverse engineer their trading patterns to find good opportunities

Algorithms capture human sentiments from multiple angles while trading stocks. Every day TINO IQ scans thousands of stocks to find these patterns. Every pattern found goes through a rigorous stress test to find it’s applicability to the stock in the last 20-30 years. Only the tested patterns with the highest probability are recommended to the users.

algorithms and machine learning

TINO IQ has been successful in finding stocks where it observes signs of “Artificial Manipulation.” Lot of stocks are pumped up and then an illusion is created that a particular stock is the best thing in the world. Once the common man starts buying the stock, the stock drops leading them into loses and making it hard to recover. Whenever TINO IQ finds these signs, we see if there is a potential to make money from this situation. If yes, we look at how many days it’s safe to trade and provide it as a trading opportunity to our members.

How we detect Artificial Manipulation

Example 1

Algorithms and Machine Learning

The stock was trading in a normal range. Our algorithms observed that the stock was getting artificially manipulated, so we published the trading opportunity on Twitter on October 19th with a target price of $36.05. The next day (October 20th) stock prices went up and touched $36.71. People who took the profits were happy as the following day (October 21st) stock prices went down by 8% to $33. This was the last rise before the downturn, As of Dec-11 the stock is down to $22.74

Capturing these kinds of trades is very difficult, as hedge funds and algorithms try to hide their trading patterns.

However at TINO IQ we have been able to find some patterns, and our research team works hard every day to find more patterns like this

Example 2     TINO’s prediction on 30th Oct 2015 (Twitter : #tinoiq) for YELP was 40% gain on current market price of the stock.

TINO’s recommendations had helped our followers to gain 40 % profit.  The traders who held on to YELP ended up seeing the stock value go down 40% since 2nd Dec 2015.

This shows how TINO IQ has specialized in capturing “Trading patterns of Computers and Humans”. TINO is known for its precise prediction in stocks showing signs of Artificial Manipulation.

Can you make money in Financial Markets ?

Money-making has become an integral part of life. People put in a lot of hard work to earn their precious money.  Making money with the stock market is hard, and on top of it everyone thinks about how one can earn additional money apart from their regular income. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book titled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” talks about the necessity of generating a passive income. One of the key ideas he talks about is how one can make profit with the stock market. Earlier the stock market moved as fast as humans could pick up a telephone and place orders.  Market moving news came at a much slower pace giving market analysts more time to study and adjust to changing market conditions.

In recent times, automatic trading by computers makes up the majority of trades. In less time than it takes to blink an eye, computers are moving markets based on the rapid 24/7 news cycle. How does anybody keep up with a market that changes so fast? The stocks are manipulated and you would see a stock going up for no reason and going down for no reason.

TINO IQ  History


TINO IQ is the result of over 20 years of long research of analyzing various factors impacting the market. Many stock market analysts use technical or fundamental indicators for making decisions, The indicators that are moving the markets are constantly changing. Hence the information being used to evaluate the markets should change, too.

For example, look in Feb 2016 what were commonly used indicators telling about AAPL stock price. Some say it BUY — some say SELL. Which indicator should an investor trust ?

TINO IQ has built proprietary algorithms to better understand stock market intrinsic details. This gives  users a platform where they can see which stocks might be getting artificially manipulated to go up/down.

Our idea is simple — keep on making small gains slowly without falling prey to illusions the market creates for everyone.

making money with stock market

TINO IQ is available to you anytime anywhere, as we understand the importance of time when it comes to trading.

Some of our users say TINO IQ is now their financial adviser. We make an enormous effort  checking our prediction accuracy.

We make, however, a few good predictions everyday. Hence, we have a feature in the app where if you beat our predictions, you are rewarded.

Labs – our playing ground

Quantum Physics in Stocks

Applying particle physics to real life


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is a subfield of computer science that evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. Machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. Such algorithms operate by building a model from example inputs in order to make data-driven predictions or decisions, rather than following strictly static program instructions.

Machine learning is closely related to computational statistics; a discipline that aims at the design of an algorithm for implementing statistical methods on computers. It has strong ties to mathematical optimization, which delivers methods, theory and application domains to the field. Machine learning is employed in a range of computing tasks where designing and programming explicit algorithms is unfeasible.

When employed in industrial contexts, machine learning methods may be referred to as predictive analytics or predictive modelling.

TINO IQ Labs is the space for innovation at its best. Our top scientists have developed smart algorithms which capture trading patterns of humans and machines. Our Predictions are growing our success to greater heights after being tested with real-time trade by some of our valuable TINO  users. TINO IQ Stock Predictions have been precise and perfect making sure customers feel safe about their hard earned savings being used for trading stocks. This is just the start of the journey, as we understand more patterns every day.