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Understanding your individual biases will help you improve your trading decisions, reduce mental mistakes, and this will result in higher investment returns and profits

Victor Ricciardi

( Victor Ricciardi is Finance Professor and editor of the book Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing )

"The TINO IQ app quickly and consistently provides high probability winning investments for any type of market conditions. With it's user friendly interface, It gives wealth producing ideas in just a few minutes."

John Holdsworth

( Economist - Univ of San Francisco )

Wonderful application !!! It would be great if you guys can start managing my stock portfolio

Rich Waterman

( Mayor Campbell California )

Very good TINO, had good Oil trade as per target

Alice Chen

( Conservative Investor )

TINO's predictions has made me realize that its after all not a bad idea to get into Stock Trading when someone is predicting the value of the Stocks in such a precise manner. The Predictions were precise and I made a 6% Profit in just two days.

Deena Sanjeevi

( Day Trader , California )

Got in at 30.24 and out at 31.36. Perfect

Rama Krishna Reddy

( Swing Trader )

One word - "Genius"

Zach Rogers

( Proprietary Equities Trader, New York )

Brilliant real time investment intelligence at it's finest. Stock recommendation ETN, delivers 50% in less than 24 hours on in the money, 1 week options trade. On Oct 30, For 1 day trade: NFLX in @ 2.57 and out 4.10 FOSL in @0.7 and out 1.4

Raj Saxena

( Former VP - JP Morgan and Bank of America )

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Weekly Accuracy Report

Key observations we see for this week’s accuracy report:   Accuracy results: Out of 82 predictions above, only 2 predictions lost money – all other predictions made money J – You can always refer to links below for details. Additionally, Algorithm Newton had a 100% success rate. Links for more detailed analysis:   news.tinoiq.com Access

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Customised Trading Systems -TINO IQ

Want to play the stock markets but don’t have the time to monitor, formulate and execute your investment strategies? Does constantly having to keep an eye on your stocks stress you out? Worry no more. TINO IQ is the one stop solution for all your problems. We understand that stocks are tough to manage and

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Amazon Vs. Google: Who Is Going To Be The Winner In The Long Term?

Summary AMZN is going to be winning war against Google. TINO IQ predicts Google share price should drop at least 23.7% in next 2 years. AMZN would move into search space in next 2 years. Amazon and Google are considered as digital giants in the modern era. These two, along with Apple and Microsoft, constitute

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Home Depot – Seeking Alpha Article by TINO IQ


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TINO IQ higlighted in Huffington Post


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Rich Dad – Poor Dad on economy in 2016


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Consumer Durables vs Non Durables vs Services

Starting to classify stocks on basis on their characteristics. Consumer durables involve any type of products purchased by consumers that are manufactured for long-term use. As opposed to many goods that are intended for consumption in the short term, consumer durables are intended to endure regular usage for several years or longer before replacement of

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